Learning Welding

Welding is largely viewed as a tough, masculine job to handle, but I can assure you that anyone can do it. As a painter, I have been spending a lot of time in a welding workshop painting all the welded items.

With time though, I have developed a keen interest in welding and now, I am ready to advance my welding learning. One thing I have learned though is that it is not hard at all. I have also learned that having a welder at home is quite beneficial if you are savvy with your hands. You can do welding repairs on your cars, bicycle and metal items at home and save money.

Here is how to get started in welding

man working with a helmet

Learn about the different welding techniques – That is right. To an untrained eye, welding looks like just that – welding, but nothing could be further from the truth. But you can never learn to distinguish these welding techniques until you learn about them.

The most popular one is MIG welding where you use a welding wire that melts. Since the item that you are welding melts, the two molten substances fuse and cool down bonded as one. However, as you will see when you do some research, MIG, TIG and other welding techniques are types of arc welding.

Buy the gear and the equipment

Welding equipment is not cheap, but it lasts a long time if you take good care of it. The first and the most obvious piece of equipment that you are going to need is the welder. There are cheap and costly varieties on the web, but it is better to spend more money on a machine if you would like to use it for a long time.

You will also need to buy the right helmet for the job. Now, welding helmets may look like something from the Iron Man movie series. They have a shield for your eyes and besides, they also protect your head. Choose a light helmet because you will do a lot of bending and rising.

Gloves, welding boots and coveralls come a close second. For welding boots, make sure they have a metatarsal cover so that your shoelaces do not catch fire from the sparks.

Learn as much as you can

man using a welding rod on a metal platform

As you have seen here, this art is a bit complex for beginners. You can see that the names alone sound like jargon. Thus, you should read up on this course, see what these words mean. You will also learn different techniques and for which items they are most applicable.

You will also learn how to repair the metal for welding. Some metals such as stainless steel and aluminum require to be cleaned before you can start welding and even amidst welding. However, for other metals, you may only require to clean them after welding.

You also need to learn how to finish some of the welds, depending on where the items you are welding will be used. For example, medical equipment requires to be finely welded and grinded. If you are making stuff for your home use, you would not need to worry too much about having a professional finish.

I Need a Work Boots

Welding jobs are very enjoyable. The feeling that you are doing something with your hands is indeed exhilarating. I have been employed at this workshop for some time. I do all the painting jobs here. However, I now think that it is time for me to extend my skills and I want to pick up welding.

Why? You may ask. I am intrigued. I am fascinated by welding and I think the oneness of mind that you must adopt when welding for your safety is therapeutic. I mean, you cannot afford to have many stressful thoughts running through your mind when you are handling a welding machine.

When it comes to joinery, welding is very effective. You can make metal items that will last forever. This gives you a feeling of accomplishment. You feel that you have achieved something when you make items that can be used on industrial as well as domestic scale.

Welding can be dangerous if you do not have the right gear

However, welding also has its fair share of troubles. One of them is that it is a dangerous type of work. It is not something that you would let an inexperienced person do without supervision. If they do not do themselves harm, they will do the items that they are welding a lot of harm. Thankfully, it is quite possible to do this job easily if you are well prepared for it.

As you look for the best welders on resources like https://www.ratemywelder.com/best-tig-welder-reviews/, you will also come across many reviews of the best welding boots. Of course, boots are just one of the most important items that you should have on your person when working in a workshop. There are many more.

While a workshop is a very safe place, there are many hazards. One of them is that of the flying sparks from the welding machines. This is why you need a good pair of boots so that the sparks do not find their way inside your shoes.

Boots also have ankle support, which protects your ankle against twists. Besides, with features such as steel toes for some welding boots, you feel confident that your toes will be safe even if you hit them against a metal beam in the workshop.

Check the sole of the boot carefully. It should be rugged and anti-slip because the workshop floor can be quite slippery. Grease, oils, and even water on the floor can cause serious falls. Considering the millions of dollars that employers pay every year as compensation for personal injury, you need a boot that is anti-slip.

Because welding boots can be costly, you do not want to go to the shops every five months to look for a new pair. Thus, it would be a good idea to avoid very cheap boots and go for a pair that can give you great service for a long time.

Before buying a pair of workshop boots, it is best to look at a few reviews. A site like ratemywelder.com offers many resources to help you buy the right welding boots.

Here are reviews of two welding boots that you can use:

RW 5686 Red Wing Boots

RW 5686 Red Wing

These boots are a favorite of many people for many reasons. First, they are very protective, especially the steel toe cap and the strong leather. With good care, the boots can last a long time, protecting your feet on the workshop floor. The polyurethane sole is not only waterproof, but it is also slip resistant, does not crack and is quite light in weight.


Durably made to last

Steel toe cap for extra protection

Have a leather cover for protecting the laces

Looks nice and stylish

Ergonomic, they bend as the foot bends



Shaft could be higher

Timberland 53580 Pro Welding Boots

Timberland 53580 Pro Welding

You know you can never go wrong with Timberland when it comes to outdoor boots, work boots and even casual boots. With a high-quality metatarsal guard and a steel toecap, you know this is the best boot for you to wear at work. If the sparks start flying as they definitely will when you start welding, they will not land on your bootlaces. You can visit this link to see more boots and the features that you should look for before buying a pair.


Metatarsal guard is good for security against falling objects

Thick sole is anti-slip and moisture proof

The footbed is very comfortable

Designed to bend with your feet as you bend and vice versa

High shaft


They are heavy

They do not have a lot of breathability

Reasons for My Boots

Now that I have learned welding, something I am starting to seriously prefer to paint, I think it is time to protect myself. Over the time I have been working in the workshop, I have seen many close calls. The only reason why I call them close calls is because the people involved were wearing the right gear. Otherwise, they would have become part of the workplace injury statistics.

One of the most important protective gear is the welding boots. These are shoes that are specifically made for people in the welding profession. Therefore, it is not a good idea to just buy any kind of workplace boots and wear them in a welding workshop. Buy welding boots because they have extra features that other work boots may not come with.

Protect from spatter and sparks

flying sparks on foot

Some of the hazards that the welding boots will be protecting you from include falling metal objects, fire from the flying sparks and, of course, the slippery floor. Thankfully, a pair of welding boots will be made with all these and many more workplace hazards in mind.

Wearing safety boots is a requirement of the workplace safety authorities. Employers are compelled by the law to provide protective footwear to the employees who work in places that pose a risk to their feet. Thus, if you have been provided with boots and you do not wear them, you risk getting let go or being held liable for anything that might happen to you on the floor.

With hundreds of workshop workers suffering foot related injuries at the workplace, it is very important that you clad up very well when working. Most of these injuries are related to slips, falls and trips, all involving the feet.

Protection from protruding metal

Safety footwear is specifically made to keep you safe. That is why welding boots have steel toecaps to protect your toes from falling objects in the workshop.

At the same time, these boots also have steel plates on the soles, which protect the wearer from getting pierced by any protruding metals. With that kind of protection, you can see why wearing a pair of boots in the workshop is compulsory.

Protect your feet from high temperatures

Welding boots are also made to protect the user from the high temperatures of the welding arc. You can imagine just how hot a spark would be and with lesser shoes, it would just burn through leaving you with serious burn injuries to contend with, perhaps for the rest of your life.

These boots are designed in such a way that the welding spatters falls and rolls off them, without burning the leather.

Boots protect you from slips and falls

man working hard

Another serious injury that is likely to occur on the workshop floor is slipping and falling. Definitely, when you work with metal, there is likely to be oil, grease, water and other things that make the floor slippery and dangerous. Wearing the right boots however keeps you very safe from slips, trips and falls.

One final thing… when you buy a pair of welding boots with a high shaft, you increase your protection. Higher shaft means more ankle support. You reduce the risks of twisting your ankle in a big way.